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Prof. Vivian Taam Wong, JP
Chief Advisor of Health Expo;
former Chief Executive, Hospital Authority;
former Chief Executive, Queen Mary Hospital;
former President, Hong Kong Association for Integration of Chinese-Western Medicine

Dr. Chan Nim Tak, Douglas
Co-Chairman, The Hong Kong Medical Association Task Force on Dementia
Awareness and Management in the Community

Dr. Dai Lok Kwan, David, JP
Chairman, Hong Kong Alzheimer's Disease Association

Prof. Wang, HuiMin
President, The Hong Kong Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dr. MOK KWAN Ngan-hing Edith
Vice-Chairperson, The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation

Dr. Wong Ping San John
President, Physical Fitness Association of Hong Kong, China

Ms Hui Yin-hing, Erika
President, Hong Kong College of Chinese Medicinal Nursing Ltd;
Chairman, Chinese - Western Integrative Nursing Committee

Mr. Hui Mei Tak
Executive Head Chef, Pak Loh Chiu Chow Restaurant;
Healthy Diet Consultant

Mr. Lam Kar Yeung
Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner,Healthy Diet Consultant


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(As of 11 June, 2016)